Fees for Patent, Trademark, Design and PCT National Phase Patent application in India

Fees are calculated on either an hourly rate or on a fixed fee basis. Litigation matters are generally billed on an hourly basis while matters such as Patent/Trade Mark applications are generally billed on a fixed fee basis. In either case, the firm will, on request, provide clients with an estimate prior to undertaking any work.

We would be open to discuss the possibility of charging significantly reduced fees in case of students or persons not financially capable of meeting the expenses of filing patent applications.

Send us an email elaborating your case and we would provide you an estimate of the fees applicable. The scale of fees varies with the complexity of each case and can not be compared to other cases we might have dealt with for you or for anybody else. Send email to: info@bhagnari.com.

We would provide you with the official fees payable to the Government and the actual breakdown of the fees charged by us, on request.

The fee quotation provided here is intended to be an estimate. The actual fees are subject to change depending on the complexity of the case.

Fee for PCT National Phase Patent in India

Fee for Trademark Registration in India

Fee for Design Patent Registration in India

Fee for responding to International Trademark Provisional Refusal in India – Madrid Protocol

You may directly call on +91.9860588440 or write mail to info@bhagnari.com for further information and discussions.