You can get in touch with us on address, emails and phone numbers given below. You may make a call between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm India time. Send all post and documents to the BACK OFFICE address provided below.

Back Office:
Manish Bhagnari,
Block No: A/168/335,
Nr. Guru Nanak High School,
Ulhasnagar 421004,
Maharashtra, INDIA
Front Office:
Manish Bhagnari,
6, Kermani Bldg;
4th Floor, 27,
Sir PM Road;
Bombay 400001,
Maharashtra, INDIA
Phone: +91.9226745922

You can contact us by email, phone or a letter. You may call for an appointment with any of our advocates. Meeting is by appointment only. Please be aware that consultation charges will apply for all the meetings. You may also consult our advocates by telephone or mail. Please browse this site for fees applicable for such consultations.

We also provide consultations using internet chat clients for which the charges similar to telephonic consultations apply. You may contact us by the above mentioned means to fix a mutually convenient time to initiate the chat session.

You are advised to periodically refer to this site as the telephone numbers, physical address or other contact means are liable to change.